What membership options are available?

One of Inversion Addict Academy's top priorities is being accessible to individuals of all budgets and skill levels. We have 2 membership options to choose from:

Our yearly membership is available for $83 (just 0.22 a day!) which also includes a free 3 months of full access.

We also have a monthly option available for $9 per month.

What is included in IAA?

As a member of Inversion Addict Academy, you'll gain full access to our library of beginner to advanced inversion tutorials & drills that provide your exact progression to improve your practice.

You'll also gain access to IAA's private forum so you can chat with other members, ask questions, share your milestones, and much more!

Not to mention, Inversion Addict Academy is also being consistently UPDATED with new lessons on a regular basis so you will always have fresh new content to advance your practice every single month!

Click here to view our tutorial library.

Can I cancel my membership any time, or is there a commitment?

Our monthly membership option is flexible so you can cancel or rejoin as many times as it suits you.

Alternatively, if you decide you are committed to making real progress with your practice you can sign up for our yearly membership which is discounted by 25%.

Will I be able to participate in IAA if I have an existing injury?

If you have any current injuries, or you have an injury history, please ensure you receive clearance to participate from a medical/healthcare professional before signing up.

I have never practiced inversions before, how much experience do I need before I can join?

Whether you haven't yet achieved your first headstand, or you're looking for new ways to advance your existing practice, Inversion Addict Academy caters to all levels so you can progress at your own pace.

Can I talk with other IAA members? And, where do I go if I need help?

Once you sign up to IAA you'll receive an invite to our private forum where you can chat with other members, ask questions, share your milestones, and much more!


Still have some questions? You can contact us directly by emailing InversionAddict@gmail.com